Pre-School Boys and Girls Playgroup -Reception 247/248 D2 JT and 364 E1 JT

Junior and Middle Section for Boys Class III - VIII 254 F1 JT 35310841-2

Junior Section Girls Class I-V and Boys Class I-II 534 G1 Johar Town 35316040-1

O and A Level Campus for Boys Class IX-XI / A1-A2 364 E1 JT 35165647-50

O and A Level Campus for Girls Class IX-XI / A1-A2 132 Block D OPF Society 35230432 - 35230631

Sargodha Campus Playgroup to O Level (Class IX - X) Boys and Girls 03111307307

Principal Message


We at LGS Johar Town Campus believe in a caring and creative environment with students as our primary focus. We strive to have parents and teachers work in liaison for a better teaching and learning experience. Our goal is to provide our students with the academic foundation necessary for the realization of their responsibilities and their interdependent role in our society. We help students groom and nurture to reach their true potential and have a successful experience in higher education. And, helping our students become independent and self-motivated individuals who hold on to their values resulting in them becoming responsible citizens of our nation.


Our Academic Program incorporates within itself the learning experiences that we believe are important in shaping the overall persona of our students. It is designed to uncover the best out of them and prepare them to adjust to an ever changing society. We’re committed towards an integrated curriculum that reaches across disciplines. At the same time the students are encouraged to meet the academic challenges with zeal, eagerness to learn and willingness to solve problems. An overview of the academics at LGS (Johar Town Campus) is important. Because, academic excellence is what we strive for here at LGS. We take the learning experience a step further than the regular textbooks; amalgamating practical work, handouts, multi-media and field work alongside the conventional books. An assessment system is in place that acts as a measure of our student’s performance in academics. We believe that for an overall groomed individual; extra-curricular and co-curricular activities play a pivotal role. And, in lieu of this realization we have Debate Club, Dramatics Club, Cooking Club, Music Club and different sports on campus.



Spring Break

Dear Parents, The school will remain closed for ‘Spring Break’ from Monday, 22nd March to...

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School Close

Dear Parents, The school will remain closed until further notice. Online classes will continue according...

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